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How to Access The Force

1. Anyone can 'Trust to the Force'. (This is simply 'pushing' a skill roll).
2. To use actual Force Powers and Talents, you need at least 1 dice in the Force Use skill.
3. To put dice into the Use the Force skill, you need to be a concept that allows this or the Force Sensitive talent.
4. The Use the Force skill allows you to perform some minor tricks and premonitions.
5. The Force Training talent actually grants you Force Points that can be used to fuel Force Powers. Force Powers always require a Force Use roll.
6. There are also Force Talents that let you do other things with the Force and Force Points (FPs), but do not require a roll. They are mostly adjustments.
7. You get Force Points by taking the Force Training talent. This pool can be added to further with talents and you can generate more FPs by 'Trusting to the Force'.
8. 1's rolled when 'Trusting to the Force' either result in damage (if testing Strength or Agility) or stress (if testing Wits or Empathy). You regain FPs equal to any damage or stress you take. However, a player can forgo this trauma for Dark Side Points (DPs) - which are used by the GM. If you substitute trauma for DPs, you do not regain any FPs.
9. DPs can also be accumulated when you roll 1s on a failed use of any Force Power.


Trusting to the Force (Empathy)

ALL characters can attempt this. It works as a bit of a combination of "Praying to the Icons" (Coriolis p55), and "Pushing the Roll" (Mutant: Year Zero p44). Characters that do not believe in the Force may simply refer to this as 'luck' or 'pushing themselves'.

When making a skill check, you can choose to 'Trust to the Force' and reroll any Attribute and Gear dice not showing a 1 or a 6. Skill dice are rerolled too, even those showing a 1.

Following a 'Trusting to the Force' reroll you either take 1 point of damage (for Strength & Agility rolls) or stress (Wits & Empathy rolls) for every 1 you rolled on your Attribute/Base dice. You can substitute any points of damage or stress for temporary Dark Side Points (DPs) if you prefer not to take trauma.

For those with Force Points (FPs) there is an upside to all of this too. You regain FPs equal to any trauma you take (up to your maximum) but do not get this benefit if you chose take temporary Dark Side Points.

Any Gear or Skill dice showing a 1 has no effect when 'Trusting to the Force'. Though, like all rolls, a failed check with 3 or more 1's in total results in the DM getting a DP.


Dark Side Points (DPs)

DPs are accumulated slightly different, but once gained, they work the same as "Darkness Points", Coriolis p56. However, DPs go to BOTH the GM and to the relevant character, if they were generated by a character's action.

DPs are distributed:

  • If a non-Force Sensitive commits an intentional evil act.
  • If a Force Sensitive uses a Force Power for selfish means.
  • If a character choose to trade damage or stress points gained by rolling 1's on Attribute/Base dice when 'Trusting to the Force'.
  • If a character rolls 3 or more 1's on any failed skill check. This is the equivalent of a crit fumble.
  • Other rare in-game situations, such as exposure to a Dark Side site, or being targeted by certain Dark Side Powers.

Using DPs
A player with DPs can access the GM's DP Pool (usually represented by a pile of black poker chips) and can use them for the exact same means (see Coriolis p56). If a player chooses to do this, they reduce their DPs by 1, but must roll one d6 for every DP spent: if they roll a 1 the DP becomes permanent.

Permanent DPs are automatically given (no check required):

  • If a Force Sensitive commits an intentional evil act.
  • If a Force Sensitive uses a Force Power keyed as a 'Dark Side' power.
  • If a Force Sensitive uses a DP for selfish means.

Permanent DPs
These do not go away and accumulate throughout the life of the character. Permanent DPs count as penalties when attempting a Light Side Force Power.

If a character's permanent DP total ever equals their Mind Point (MP) total, they are permanently lost to the Dark Side. Their character becomes an NPC in the hands of the GM. (Or, with the permission of the GM, a player can continue to play the 'fallen' character as a roleplaying challenge where they may help further the GM's plots). A character's maximum permanent DPs is equal to their Mind Points, barring talents that may affect this.


Force Use Skill

You can only put dice into this skill at character creation by having a species, concept or talent that allows you to do so. (Later in the game, you could also take the Force Sensitive talent to 'discover' latent Force powers). You can use this skill to attempt a number of things:
Activate Force Powers. (If you have them). When using a Force Power, a successful Use the Force roll is required or the power fails.
Enter a Trance. Every hour in a Force Trance counts as 2 hours of rest. (Time in a Force Trance also halves the time required to regain FPs when you get to zero).
Move Light Object. With a successful skill check you can use a fast action (1 AP) to move an unattended Light object that you can see within long range. With a critical success you can launch the object at a target: make a Ranged Attack roll as another fast action (1 AP).
Search Your Feelings. As a slow action (3 AP) you can make a skill roll to determine whether or not a particular action or choice will likely yield favourable or unfavourable results in the immediate future.
Sense the Force. As a slow action (3 AP) you can try to detect the presence of the Force around you, including other creatures with dice in the Force Use Skill. Use Ranged Combat modifiers for this check (Coriolis p88). You automatically sense large disturbances in the Force. These depend upon the strength of the Force (or Dark Side presence) and your relationship with anyone being affected.
Telepathy. As a slow action (3 AP) and successful skill check, you can establish a telepathic link with one creature you can see (or anyone you know on the same planet). This is not open communication: only basic thoughts or feelings can be sent. Contacting someone you know off-world accrues a -1 to the roll for each 'step' they are away from you: same system; same region/quadrant of galaxy; different region/quadrant of the galaxy.


Force Talents

See the Force Talents Page. Includes Talent Trees: Lightsaber, Alter, Control and Sense.


Force Points (FPs)

Your maximum FPs is equal to the amount of Force Powers you know.

Force Points are treated very similar to Mind Points and Hit Points. As long as you have more than zero FPs, you regain 1 FP per hour. If you reach zero FPs you are not treated as broken, but still must wait 1d6 hours before you can regain 1 FP (and then can start accumulating 1 per hour again). Remember that you can enter a Force Trance to halve this recovery time and other trance talents can increase the rate of recovering FPs.

There are other ways to regain FPs during play, such as rolling 1's on a 'Trusting to the Force' roll (see above) and certain Force Talents may let you do so.


Force Powers

These are individual powers much like spells. See the Force Powers Page. (You need to take the Force Training talent to gain access to powers).

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