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Welcome to my site for the sci-fi RPGs I run. Here you will find information on the campaigns we run as well as conversions, house rules and new material for several sci-fi settings including Star Wars, Coriolis, Starfinder, Esper Genesis (see 5E D&D for these stats), Expanse RPG and Fragged Empire.

What's New?

23rd Dec', 2022

  • Added several Bashed & Borrowed stats to the Species Page.

3rd April, 2020

  • Added Starfinder classes to the D&D Class Pages. They will take a little adjusting, but doable.

17th March, 2020

  • Added a bunch of 5E D&D pages.
  • Completed the Proficiencies & Classes 5E pages.
  • Added rodian, mon cal and trandoshan 5E stats to the Species Page.


End of the Clone Wars

This game began as a game for my son Angus and a couple of his mates. We started with the Cypher System. The game started with some PCs in their light freighter on their way to the planet Orto (where they were to meet other PCs). During the trip through the hyperspace lanes Order 66 had been issued. This proved a problem for one of the PCs who was a Jedi.

This is the game we are going to continue with an expanded group and conversion to the Coriolis (YZE) system.

Estate Agents from the Strange

This is not really a campaign set here, but our group of Estate operatives (known as Alpha 03 or Team 13) from our Strange Settings (link) are making their way into a Star Wars recursion, so that has increased activity here for the moment too. This game also uses the Cypher System.

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