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Last 3 Eidts

Dec 4th, 2018

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Off to Orto

  • On Coruscant, Vaaressk asked Timon (a pilot known to take Jedi on missions) to take him to the planet Orto. Vaaressk wished to help fellow Jedi Nem Bees with his undercover resistance movement in the capital Ithiqua.
  • As they were in transit, Nem left a message telling Vaaressk not to come to Orto. They did anyway, but landed in a small city of Merggo (not Ithiqua) and tried to keep a low profile.
  • Whilst on Orto, Order 666 was issued. The city of Merggo was already awash with clone troopers, some marching Ortolan slaves through the streets. Vaaressk found himself very confused.
  • It did not take long to find out that Nem Bees' resistance had been quashed; his own troopers had turned on him. With Nem supposed dead, the PCs had to find a way off planet quickly.
  • To make matters worse, the HoloNet was blocked on Orto so astrogation away from the planet would be hard. Seeking someone who could help, the PCs were directed to the Hulkers - dissidents that lived in ruined space ships on the edge of town. Gefeen Trask seemed to be the guy to contact.
  • Two cronies took Vaaressk & Timon to meet with this techie, Gefeen. After some conversation with the small guy, a well-muscled guy stepped forward and stated he was Gefeen Trask and the weedy man with whom the PCs had been conversing was a decoy. A good decoy too, as Gefeen looked anything but a computer geek.
  • Gefeen spoke privately with Vaaressk & Timon with only a blue Nautolan guard present, who was introduced as Shar Greelo. It became apparent that Gefeen & Shar had had more than enough of hanging on this planet with Hulkers. Gefeen offered to help get the PCs off the planet if they took himself and Shar with them.
  • Gefeen took them to a communications substation he had 'access' to. Gefeen was hacking the system when clones showed up and it was not long before there was a fire fight. The PCs (now four) had to also deal with some citizens that joined the clones.
  • The clones were defeated and Gefeen downloaded astrogation coordinates.
  • On their way back to Okhoom's Razor (Timon's freighter) the group were stopped by Ortolan security. Shar set his gun for stun and zapped the two guards. PCs got on the ship and blasted into space.
  • Once out of the atmosphere, the group punched in coordinates to Coruscant. With all the upheaval, Vaaressk wanted to see if things had gone bad for his fellow Jedi at the temple.

Back to Coruscant

  • Upon arrival, took a fly-by near the Jedi Temple. Great plumes of smoke arose from the temple and it was surrounded by clones and their heavy guns.
  • Landing by a high hovering docking bay, the PCs decided to approach on foot. Oddly, Shar's background became a hindrance as Anselmi thugs (his enemies from his homeworld) attempted to mug the heroes. A scuffle broke out before both groups split upon hearing clones approaching.
  • As the PCs approached the Jedi Temple a chevin stopped them. He appeared to be a shady merchant of sorts (going by the name Morfist Mannok), but told the PCs he could sense the Force around Vaaressk and that it would not be safe to go closer to the temple. All the Jedi were dead. But there was something the heroes could do.
  • The scarred Chevin gave the PCs a code cylinder. He advised them to trade some of the Ortolan minerals on their ship for bacta on the planet Thyferra. They were to then go to the coordinates on the code cylinder. Under no circumstances was the code cylinder to fall into the clones' hands.
  • Returning through the streets the PCs stopped at a weapon dealer's shop. He told them to leave, just as clones came in and arrested him.
  • Thinking they just eluded trouble, the PCs ran into a back-up clone patrol. Now trapped between two squads of troopers, the PCs were asked for their identifications. Just as Vaaressk was about to try and slip away, Timon stepped forward and convinced the clones the PCs were on an important mission.
  • PCs got back to their docking bay only to find more clones searching their ship. Another fight started that ended with three of the clones plummeting over the edge into the city below and the rest defeated.
  • Once more on board Okhoom's Razor, the PCs left Coruscant and with no better ideas decided to head to Thyferra.

Bargaining on Thyferra

Thyferra%20%20w%202%20moons.jpg Vratix%20-%20bacta%20trader.JPG
  • During the nine days hyperspace travel the PCs looked up information on Thyferra and decided to try their luck at one of the smaller trading outposts when they arrived.
  • After making their way through the misty atmosphere they landed safely and soon established themselves as merchants here to trade for bacta.
  • Found themselves dealing with Ilkgal, a Vlatrix trader, and Fellador, his Gotal assistant. After a few (but nowhere near expected) probing questions, the PCs got the deal done and left the planet with several cargo units of bacta.
  • Using the coordinates on the code cylinder, the hyperspace jump ended at a Republic Medstar-class Frigate.

"Sawbones" Station

  • Realising why they were sent for bacta, it was easy to get a permit to dock and trade bacta to a medical ship.
  • A clone welcoming party greeted the PCs. Just as tensions were about to boil over, Jedi Bultar Swan came forward and convinced the PCs that the clones here had not followed Order 666. They were still 'with the Jedi'. Not too sure, but certain Bultar Swan was a Jedi, the PCs went with her. Deckhands were arranged to unload the bacta.
  • Speaking in private, Bultar Swan exchanged knowledge about Order 666 and what was going on. She also informed the group that she had been in contact with Jedi Master Shadday Potkin, who was apparently organising a secret meeting of known powerful Jedi that have so far survived the lightning purge. Bultar is apparently to meet Shadday and others in an abandoned mine on Kessel. Bultar seemed awkward about inviting Vaaressk as it was not really her meeting and was supposed to be top secret.
  • There was something the PCs could do though. Bultar Swan asked the PCs to take a code cylinder in the care of her contacts (three new PCs) to another known Jedi in hiding. The code cylinder contains information regarding the meeting for the human Jedi Master Roblio Darte. He is hiding out on the arid planet of Iktotch. Apparently the code cylinder also contains coded messages that if made public on Iktotch, should get Master Roblio to come to you, rather than you having to seek him out. (Swan was herself to deliver the same message to another Jedi).
  • As the PCs were escorted back to the hanger, the clone sergeant "Rails" indicated that Bultar may have escaped his 'programming' but Vaaressk wasn't going to. With that, Rails and a squadron of clones opened fire.
Clone%20Sgt%20Rails.jpg V-Wing.jpg
  • Whilst under fire the PCs boarded Orkhoom's Razor and departed the med-ship. Everyone was settling into new crew positions and before the co-ordinates for Iktotch could be entered, three V-Wings piloted by clones were firing upon the ship. All three were shot down after a brief battle in which Orkhoom's Razor suffered minimal damage.
  • Astrogation co-ordinates entered and the group had 22 days in hyperspace to get to know the 'new guys'.
  • During the trip, new member, Taragrin Raksha, wished to 'access and check out' the code cylinder entrusted to the group, but was denied. Instead he resigned himself to challenging others to games on the ship. He even had Dyana help him dismantle parts of the ship to make a 3-D printer to make a trophy. (All ship parts were returned to their rightful place once trophy was made).

Search Party on Iktotch

Iktotch.png Iktotch%20-%20Valibri%20-%20trading%20town.jpg
  • Landed in the small trading post of Valabri, rather than one of the main two cities.
  • Clones visited the ship when details of the Orkhoom's Razor (a wanted ship under Republic law) were transmitted to their garrison. Thanks to some fast talking and hacking into the garrison's network, it was made clear that the group's ship was often mistaken for another freighter with a very similar name (different spelling ;)).
  • Some members booked in to the Credit Chip Casino frequented by the wealthy merchants that trade in the town. (Others stayed on ship).
  • Taragrin was recognised by staff at the casino and was booked in as a VIP which included a luxurious sweet.
  • Dyana transmited the beacon message for Roblio Darte from the terminal in her room.
  • Second day in Valabri, Gefeen sought out work in local droid repair shop. The owner, a twi'lek named San, seemed only too happy to have a temporary work at Mechanical Allies.
  • During the late night hours, Taragrin started to build his own gaming community in the casino.
  • Timon was targeted in the streets by Anselmi traders that he had apparently once left "high and dry", but retreated to the safety of the casino just in time.
  • Later he entered into trade talks with some merchants. He exchanged 1 load of bacta for 7 loads of local ore, which was to be picked up at the nearby Tenarius Refinery.
  • 3rd day on Iktotch and Timon took his ship to the refinery to pick up the ore, but security there denied him access and had no knowledge of a deal with the traders he dealt with.
  • Playing on the computers, as he seems to do a lot, Taragrin decided to check if there was any information on this Roblio Darte on the local Net. Turned out there was: including a message transmitting the co-ordinates for a "secret" Jedi meeting that he was to attend on the planet Kessel, to be led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. And yes, these co-ordinates had been transmitted from the Credit Chip Casino two days prior.
  • Following this bombshell, the group decided to depart quickly. As they were firing up the ship's engines, clones entered the docking bay and started firing. Others were setting up an E-Web blaster cannon too. Just before the PCs blasted away, others, in brown and blue security and labourer uniforms entered behind the clones and started gunning them down. A lady with the group started waving at the cockpit of Orkhoom's Razor.
  • PCs disembarked from the ship to join in the fire-fight. It did not go well for the clones and the group that followed them in. When all clones were down, and all but two of the humans in uniform, one of them introduced herself as Maya of the Alderaan Security Force. She asked if the group were the ones here transmitting for Roblio Darte and if they were that they had a common benefactor: Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. She apologised for one of her men probably being the one to lead the clones to the party's hanger. Her security force were here to take back some special 'cargo' but have had their ship impounded. If the PCs could get the cargo off planet, they would have the chance to gain the backing and friendship of someone powerful that remains a support for the Jedi (and democracy).
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