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In many Star Wars games it is important to know who is Force Sensitive or not, and you often have to choose a rules option (such as a feat or edge) to indicate that you are.

In the Cypher System I have seen a similar approach, but I am not doing that. In our Cypher System games, here is how you decide whether you are Force sensitive or not.

Who is Force Sensitive?

1. If you have ANY supernatural powers, then you are Force Sensitive. Whether you call it the Force or not, when you manipulate matter or minds, you are using the Force.
2. Anyone else can CHOOSE whether or not they are Force Sensitive. Even if you don't have strange powers, now and then your PC might 'trust to the Force'. This is simply replicated by the spending of XP for rerolls. (No new rule required).

Anyone can spend XP for rerolls, so why be Force Sensitive? It does have its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. You can 'use the Force' to sense the presence of other Force Sensitives, or use limited telepathy. You can use the Force Trance, Search Your Feelings and Sense Force features of the Use the Force skill from the Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook p77.
  2. You add the Force Flavor (below) to your available choices for your PC when choosing Tier abilities.
  3. You are practised in the use of light sabers (only if from the Jedi or another lightsaber-wielding tradition). No one else is practised in lightsabers. They require their own training.
  4. GM can add a whole level of wonder to minor and major effects. The Force really kicks in.
  5. There may be times in the game when being Force Sensitive is required to complete a task as determined by the GM.


  1. You might be more open to others using unwanted Force skills/powers on you, such as detecting your presence.
  2. You are susceptible to the temptations of the Dark Side.


This flavor is for the typical Jedi. It gathers the most common powers used by the Jedi in one place, so that you can access the powers and combine them with any type or focus.
Those that learn the Force through other means may also take this flavor, but they could also take Magic.


Closed Mind: See Magic Flavor (CSRB p57).
Force Push (2 Intellect points): As Push under Adept (CSRB p31).
Force Slam (1 Intellect point): As Onslaught (physical effects only) under Adept (CSRB p31).
Mental Link (1+ Intellect Points): See Magic Flavor (CSRB p57).
Move Object (1 Intellect point): As Hedge Magic under Magic Flavor (CSRB p57), but you can only float objects, have small objects float to your hand, manipulate objects, such as turning off a switch, or make a faint sound to distract others. Range is short for items to be affected.
Premonition (2 Intellect Points): See Magic Flavor (CSRB p57).
Surge (2 Intellect points): As Far Step under Adept (CSRB p31). You either leap or run quickly to the location.


Force Blast (2 Intellect Points): As Concussive Blast under Magic Flavor (CSRB p58).
Mind Reading (4 Intellect points): See Adept (CSRB p33).


Anticipate Attack (4 Intellect points): See Speaker (CSRB p48).
Inner Defense: See Stealth Flavor (CSRB p52).
Force At Distance (4+ Intellect Points): See Magic Flavor (CSRB p58).
Force Thrust (4 Intellect Points): As Fling under Magic Flavor (CSRB p58).
Rebuke (3+ Intellect points): As Energy Protection under Adept (CSRB p31).


Mind Trick (6+ Intellect Points): As Mind Control under Adept (CSRB p31), except the effect can be used on targets up to short range, but the duration is only 1 minute.
Force Sense: As Preternatural Senses under Stealth Flavor (CSRB p53).


Psychokenitic Attack (5 Intellect Points): See Focuses Mind Over Matter focus (CSRB p128).


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