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Following is a list of character concepts or archetypes suitable for Star Wars and some recommended Types and Foci to help you build your character. You are not limited to these choices - they are here to guide you and use for GMs making NPCs on the fly.


These are not the only foci available. Others can be used to create unique individuals, such as: Fuses Flesh & Steel, Is A Cyborg or Integrates Weaponry for characters integrating technology into their being; Develops Sentience or Resides in Silicon for droids; Metamorphosizes or Changes Shape for shape-changers.

Foci like Carries the Weight of Destiny, Fights for a Cause and Was Foretold are very appropriate for any hero in this setting.

Determining Randomly

Either roll a random Concept from the list below (there are 30) and then a random focus from those recommended, or, if you just want a totally random focus, roll d100 on this table:

d100 Where to get your focus Notes
01-25 General Group Remember to adapt these the space fantasy feel of this recursion.
26-30 Fantasy This is a space fantasy setting and most of these foci have a home here, some as Jedi or Force User traditions, others are associated with specific species.
31-35 Magic Only some of these are appropriate for this setting, such as healing magic for Jedi Healers or Lightning for Sith. Most overt magic is not present, but some foci could represent isolated Force user traditions.
36-40 Modern Most of these are possible, but several are not very useful in many areas.
41-43 Primal These could represent isolated and tribal Force traditions, including the Witches of Dathomir.
44-50 Psionics This group would most commonly represent the mind powers of the Jedi.
51-89 Sci-Fi Very common foci and the galaxies are full of many thousands of species.
91-93 Supers Some Jedi have Supers-like powers that could be represented here, but others like Grows to Towering Heights are not appropriate. The more physical Jedi might choose from here.
94-97 Master List. You still need to make sure this focus can be explained in the context of Blighted World.
98-00 Strange Specific For those that have translated at least once, if using The Strange - otherwise treat as Master List above.


Concept/Archetype Types (Flavours) Foci
1. Assassin, Infiltrator Explorer, (Stealth) Infiltrates; Moves Like A Cat; Murders; Operates Under Cover; Steals; Steals from the Rich; Throws With Deadly Accuracy
2. Bounty Hunter Warrior, Explorer, (Stealth) Collects Bounties; Hunts for Bounties; Hunts Nonhumans; Hunts With Great Skill; Masters Weaponry; Slays Monsters
3. Civilian, Kid, Slacker Explorer Doesn't Do Much; Helps Their Friends; Indulges in Worldly Pleasures; Knows the Streets; Learns Quickly; Plays Too Many Games; Runs Away; Wonders; Works for a Living; Would Rather Be Reading
4. Commander, Officer, Leader Speaker, (Skills & Knowledge) Commands Armies; Governs; Imparts Wisdom; Leads
5. Commando, Vanguard Warrior, (Stealth) Hunts With Great Skill; Never Says Die; Serves in an Elite Military Squad
6. Criminal, Pirate, Smuggler Explorer, (Face, Stealth) Fights Dirty; Infiltrates; Knows Someone; Knows the Streets; Murders; Operates Vehicles; Smuggles with Impunity; Steals; Steals from the Rich; Works The Back Alleys
7. Demolitions, Saboteur Explorer, (Technology) Battles Robots; Blows Stuff Up; Crafts Unique Objects
8. Enforcer, Security Boss, Detective Explorer, Warrior, (Skills & Knowledge, Stealth) Is Licensed To Carry; Serves and Protects; Solves Mysteries
9. Entertainer Speaker Entertains; Is Idolized By Millions; Knows Someone; Plays a Deadly Instrument
10. Explorer, Scout Explorer, (Stealth, Skills & Knowledge)‘ Adapts to Any Environment; Explores; Explores Dark Places; Explores Deep Waters; Hunts With Great Skill; Knows the Hidden Paths; Knows These Parts; Lives In The Wilderness
11. Force Adept, Witch (of Dathomir) Adept (or other with Force or Magic) Awakens Dreams; Communes with Nature; Controls Beasts; Focuses Mind Over Matter; Forges Animal Bonds; Lives In The Wilderness; Separates Mind From Body; Speaks For The Land
12. Fringer, Trader Explorer, Speaker, (Face, Skills & Knowledge) Adapts to Any Environment; Counts Coins (Credits); Explores New Worlds; Knows Someone; Solves Mysteries; works for a Living
13. Gunslinger Warrior, Explorer Draws Faster; Fires a Blaster; Is Licensed to Carry; Masters Weaponry; Shoots First; Wields Two Weapons At Once
14. Jedi Consular Speaker, (Force) Commands Mental Powers; Follows Psychic Clues; Imparts Wisdom; Knows the Heart; Leads; Processes Information; Sees with the Inner Eye; Separates Mind From Body; Solves Mysteries; Toys with Memory; Wields Invisible Forces
15. Jedi Guardian Warrior, (Force) Battles Droids; Fights with Panache; Fights with the Force; Masters Defense (replace shield with lightsaber); Masters Weaponry; Wields Two Weapons At Once
16. Jedi Healer Speaker, Adept (Force) Harness the Body’s Rhythms; Heals; Saves Lives; Works Miracles
17. Jedi Sentinel Explorer, (Force) Defends The Weak; Fights with the Force; Focuses Mind Over Matter; Hunts Outcasts; Is the Eye of the Storm; Metes Out Justice (replace shield with lightsaber); Wields Two Weapons At Once
18. Jedi, Dark/Fallen (Any of those for Jedi concepts), (Force, Stealth) (Any of those for Jedi concepts); Murders; Preys on the Psyche; Rides The Lightning
19. Medic, Doc Explorer (Skills & Knowledge) Conducts Weird Science; Heals; Rejuvenates the Infirm; Saves Lives
20. Noble, Politician, Senator Speaker Descends from Nobility; Governs; Interprets The Law; Is Idolized By Millions; Leads; Learns Quickly; Negotiates Matters of Life and Death; Rules with an Iron Fist; Speaks with a Silver Tongue; Would Rather Be Reading
21. Pilot, Ace, Driver, Gunner Explorer, (Technology) Drives Dangerously; Drives Like a Maniac; Fires All Weapons; Holds it Together; Loves the Void; Operates Vehicles; Pilots Starcraft; Pilots Starships; Stays on Target
22. Primitive, Outlander Explorer, Warrior Carries A Quiver; Controls Beasts; Hunts Dangerous Beasts; Hunts With Great Skill; Lives In The Wilderness ; Never Says Die; Rages
23. Salvager, Scrounger Explorer, (Skills & Knowledge, Technology) Finds Lost Relics; Knows Someone; Scavenges; Steals; Walks the Wasteland
24. Scholar, Scientist Explorer (Skills & Knowledge) Calculates The Incalculable; Conducts Rocket Science; Figures Things Out; Finds the Flaw in All things; Solves Mysteries; Would Rather Be Reading
25. Scoundrel, Gambler Explorer, (Face) Doesn't Do Much; Employs Sex Appeal; Indulges in Worldly Pleasures; Is Wanted by the Law; Knows Someone; Knows the Streets; Lives on the Edge; Looks For Trouble; Plays Too Many Games; Plays Tricks; Runs Away; Threatens the Powerful; Works The System
26. Slicer Explorer, (Technology) Fuses Mind And Machine; Hacks the Network; Masters Technology; Monitors Intel; Operates Under Cover; Slices Past Security; Talks To Machines; Works The System
27. Soldier, Guard, Merc Warrior Battles Droids; Defends The Weak; Fires a Blaster; Fires All Weaponry; Is Licensed to Carry; Masters Weaponry; Serves in an Elite Military Squad; Stands Like A Bastion
28. Spy, Information Broker Explorer, (Face, Stealth, Skills & Knowledge) Employs Sex Appeal; Infiltrates; Knows Someone; Knows the Streets; Monitors Intel; Operates Under Cover
29. Tech, Engineer Explorer, (Technology) Battles Droids; Builds Robots; Calculates The Incalculable; Crafts Unique Objects; Employs Fantastic Gadgets; Holds it Together; Reroutes Power; Transcends Humanity
30. Tough, Thug, Brawler, Brute Warrior Excels Physically; Fights Dirty; Goes Berserk; Just Won't Die; Likes to Break Things; Looks For Trouble; Needs No Weapon; Never Says Die; Performs Feats of Strength
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